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Best SEO Tools of 2018

SEO doesn’t only take time, but it also takes skill and planning. And to do planning, you need to know how you are doing so far. There are multiple different SEO tools that you can find online and they will give you different metrics. While there is no need to mention Google Analytics as one of the best SEO tools because of the extensive info you can get from it, there are other tools that might come in handy for different reasons. Here we give you the selected best SEO tools you can use in 2018!

1) SEMRush

SEMrush offers a variety of choices and metric that will give you insight on how your website stands in terms of SEO. This tool is one of the best SEO tools that you should give it a go in 2018 and it is recommended by experts. You can compare keywords and domains, analyze your website as opposed to your competitors websites and monitor your progress. Its dashboard will give you quick overview of where your posts are standing in terms of ranking, keywords and engagement on social media. The tool will also point out some potential fixes that can be done in order to improve the website health.

Visit SEMrush →

2) Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an advanced SEO tool with extensive functionality. It is exceptionally good at segmentation and visualization of the data. Like no other tool it enables internet professionals to get a better understanding of how search rankings, site changes and traffic correlate and affect search visibility. Besides rank tracking, backlink monitoring, and reporting, it offers advanced segmentation, filtering abilities, graphs and visua lizations, and much more. It’s perfect as an all-in-one SEO performance solution, especially for the websites aimed at scaling.

Visit Nightwatch →

3) KWFinder

Looking for keywords can be challenging, especially if you are looking for low competition, high volume keywords. While Google Keyword Planner is certainly of a great help, KWFinder made our best SEO tools list for a good reason. When typing in a keyword, this useful SEO tool will give you the volume, difficulty and CPC, and additionally, it will give you great suggestions related to the keyword you searched for. It has both free and paid plans.

Visit KWFinder →

4) Moz Pro

Probably the best known tool that marketers around the globe use – Moz Pro is a one-stop SEO tool that will give you all of the info you need – from the ranking of your website, to keywords suggestions and competitors analysis. The down side is, this is a paid tool, so enjoy all of the benefits of one of the best SEO tools you will need to have a subscription. Still, there is the free Moz bar tool which comes in the form of an extension for your browser.

Visit Moz Pro →

5) Answer The Public

When it comes to finding idea what to write about, this tool especially comes in handy. As a writer, it is normal to come to a halt sometimes, so for a quick fix from a writer’s blockage, Answer The Public is the place to go. It will give you all of the related topic based on a keyword that you might consider writing about. Plus, provided that this tool will also give you a list of what users are looking for in regards to a certain keyword, it makes your life a lot easier. Looking at those questions, you can use that and give answers to the public (pun intended!). No surprise this tool made it to our best SEO tools list!

Visit Answer The Public →

  09/05/2018     12,189 Views

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