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The Most Common SEO Mistakes That People Make

It is a common saying in the SEO world that content is the king. That is an absolute fact. SEO is mainly based on keywords, so to have those keywords you need meaningful content. However, the entire optimization process is not as simple as one-two-three! It is a complex process (sometimes even a process of trial and error!) and you need to adjust as you go. We give you the most common SEO mistakes that people make when it comes to the content!

1. It Is Not ALL About the Keywords

Yes, keywords are the main thing you should focus when it comes to your SEO strategy. Or are they? Truth be told – they are. However, it is not always all about the keywords, and this is where many content marketers make the first common SEO mistake on our list. In the majority of the cases, is about the quality of your content. You might have the most optimized article in the world judging by the SEO guidelines, but if that piece of writing is not compelling to visitors, who cares about the keywords? Instead of focusing solely on the keywords, focus on the quality of the content. Input your keywords naturally – don’t overdo it. By giving your visitors something worthy of reading, you will earn some valuable natural visitors who simply like what they read!

2. Don’t Forget About the Old Gems

You wrote an amazing piece of content some time ago, but now it is pushed down by your latest posts. Updating content regularly is a must, but why forgetting about the timeless posts? Another common SEO mistake that people make is forgetting about their old posts. Every article brings value to your visitors, but you should always go back and make old post resurface!

3. Internal Linking

We already spoke about the bounce rate and how to decrease it as much as possible. To avoid making the common SEO mistake of not doing internal linking, make sure you find a way to raise interest in the visitor. By liking your posts to other related ones, you are giving the visitor a reason to dig deeper, directly influencing the bounce rate in the positive way.

4. It Is not About The Length

If you consult different sources, they will all give you a different number of words that for them is optimal for blog posts. In reality, there is no magic formula for this and there is no golden rule. Forcing yourself to write something which is long just for the sake of being long is a really common SEO mistake. It is not about the length – it is about the quality. Modern people are busy creatures and they do not like reading unnecessary things. They want to find the information they are looking for fast. And if your posts are long for no apparent reason, your visitors will not be happy about it. It is absolutely fine to have long posts if you are discussing an extensive topic. But if you wrote 1000 words to say something that in reality should not have been longer than 300 words, then you should consider deleting the 700 excess words.

5. Fresh Posts

We already mentioned the common SEO mistake of not reviving your old posts. Here’s another one that goes in the completely opposite direction: new posts. Yes, your website needs to be updated regularly. It all depends on the field. However, studies found that websites who post more frequently – at least one post every two days, generate 3.5 times more traffic than those who post only once or twice a month. Still, publish fresh posts when you have something to share – not just for the sake of it!

  14/02/2018     2,221 Views

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