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Core SEO Strategies To Build Your Website Around

The world of SEO is vast, versatile and ever-changing. While some of the rules stay the same the entire time, the algorithms become more sophisticated and the demands get higher. There are countless things that you should focus on yet he give you a few core SEO strategies you should always keep in mind.

Optimizing Your content – Both for Readers and SEO

The most important core SEO strategy refers to your content, since that is the most important place to play around with your keywords. There is no need to point out the optimization for search engine bots is the entire point of doing SEO, but those bots are not your customer. The initial thought you should have when creating content is to write it so it is appealing to you existing and potential customers. Sure, optimizing for the crawling bots is crucial, yet it is just a bit less important than appealing to the readers. You should never compromise the quality of your articles in order to increase the keyword density or add another extra keyword phrase that doesn’t flow naturally within the content. Instead, follow the SEO guidelines and keep them in mind while writing, but don’t try to get a perfect SEO score every single time.

The Technical Aspect of Your Website

The part where you should worry more about the search engine bots in the technical aspect. This core SEO strategy refers to optimizing your website in the proper way so the search engine spider will be able to crawl your website and index it properly. That refers to the actual code of your website, the headlines, the meta tags and description, the sitemap and all the other technical bits that make your website readable to bots.


With backlinks, as we always said, it is always quality over quantity. In the perfect work, it would be quality and quantity. However, if you have been around SEO for a while, you know that building a good network of backlinks is easier said than done. Your backlinks should be another thing on your core SEO strategy. Backlinks can come in all shapes and sizes and through all channels, so make sure you use all the resources to gain as many as you possibly can.

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