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Why Google Analytics is an Important Tool for Measuring your SEO Efforts

In our previous articles, we have already mentioned Google Analytics and its great value for measuring your SEO results. In fact, it is so important that we decided we should dedicate an entire article to it! Now, we will give you all of the reasons why Google Analytics should be your first resort when you want to check if your SEO strategy is producing the results you are hoping for.

Of course, ranking is your main indicator. Still, on its own, it cannot provide you with inside information. Where Google Analytics comes in really handy is when you need to adjust your strategy to produce even bigger results. Here are the metrics that you can individually examine in Google Analytics:

1. Number of Visits

This is by far the most important metric to keep an eye on. However, it should never be looked in isolation from other data, since on its own, it does not carry much insights. The bigger the volume, the better – that’s for sure.

2. Average Number of Visited Pages

While the number of visits indicates the total number of people who open your website, the average number of visited pages per user can tell an entirely different story. Let’s say you have a huge number of visitors – something you will be happy about. However, if those visitors leave just after visiting one page, than it is obvious that there is a problem. It means that your content is probably not engaging enough and that the visitors lose interest. Similarly, if the visitors go through too many pages on your website, it can mean that you need to work on pushing them towards a purchasing decision if you are selling something. Additionally, if your website is of an entertainment nature, you might want to look into your most visited pages and see what you’ve done right!

3. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate metric takes into consideration visitor who visit one page only and stay for less than 30 seconds. Of course, the smaller the bounce rate, the better. Ideally, the bounce rate should not go over 50% on your most popular pages. This metric can tell you a lot about how your content is performing among users. If the bounce rate is high, that means that your website does not deliver the value that the visitors are after.

4. Demographics

Knowing where your visitors come from is of a great importance for you. If you are operating locally, you need to target visitors in your area. If the visitors on your website are coming from areas that you don’t operate in, than you need to immediately reconsider your efforts do far, since you might be wasting time. There is no use in having visitors on your website that you cannot convert into customer. Also, the data about your visitors can be important if you are considering paid advertising. It can help you choose the regions and the age of the people you want to target.

5. Landing Pages

The landing page report on Google Analytics can tell you which pages do the visitors come to your website. You will be able to see which of the pages are most popular among users. If there are significantly more users on certain pages and a small bounce rate, then you will know what type of content is amusing to customers. As always, make high-quality landing pages.

Measuring the results of your SEO efforts is important in order to establish whether you are doing the proper thing. Google Analytics can be your best friend when it comes to getting valuable insights about your visitors. Make sure to read also A Quick SEO Checklist to Get You Started

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