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Launching Your Product on a Foreign Market – SEO Tips

If you are looking to launch your product on a foreign market, you are probably aware by now that it takes a lot of planning in a different way that you would normally do in your own country. The reason for this is simple – you know your primary market much better than the foreign one and you already know what the rules of the game are. If you are ready to expand your business in another country, here are some tips on launching your product in a foreign market!

Launching Your Product on a Foreign Market

Multilingual Website

If the country you are looking to expand your business in is a same language-speaking country, you can probably skip this. However, the chances are that it will be a different language and you need to adapt accordingly. You need another version of your website with translated content, and you can do this in two different ways:

1. [country]
3. domain.[country]

Each of these options work – the question is would you like to have different versions or different websites. If you decide for the first option, you can use one of the first two options we mentioned, and if you decide for a separate website you need a new domain with a different country reference.

Meaningful Content

The content you post on your foreign website does not only need to be translated in the target language, but also adapted to reflect the market in the country. Not everything is applicable and same in each country, so this is the next thing you should be aware of when launching your product on a foreign market.


Obviously, the keywords will not be the same, and sometimes just translating them will not work. You need to put yourself in a position of a native speaker who is searching for your product. What would they type in? If you can’t do that yourself, hiring an expert translator with a knowledge in SEO is your best bet.


Same as with keywords, chances are you will get local competitors that operate in the country where you want to put your product in. This ultimately means that you need to conduct a separate competitors analysis.

Social Media

As always, use the power of social media to your advantage. Make separate pages for the different market you are trying to make your way in. In this way, you can communicate closely with potential customers and adjust your content.

What you shouldn’t forget is that you are just a newbie in the new market. Things will be different than they are with your primary market. While you might be well established on the primary one, remember that launching a product on a foreign market will be the same as when you started off the first time. You need to establish yourself as a serious company, and one of the ways of doing that is by employing the right SEO techniques and mindset.

  26/09/2018     2,221 Views

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