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Negative Reviews and Their Impact on SEO

Let’s face it – we have all been there. Working hard for many days and night on your website that offers a product or service. You’ve put everything to it, and something wasn’t just enough – you start getting negative reviews. The initial reaction is disappointment or maybe even anger – where did you go wrong. But things might not be as bad as you think, and here are the reasons for that.

Negative Reviews vs Positive Reviews

Think of any big company. Now if you go and take a look around their reviews, you will still find at least one negative review for some reason. And it might not always be your fault – maybe the items got lost in delivery, got damaged because of improper handling or simply the customer had a bad day and something wasn’t as they expected. On the positive side of things – if you have plenty of good reviews, potential customers will hardly take any notice of the negative ones. It is all about the ratio of good vs bad!

Negative Reviews Are Still Reviews

Sure, who want to read bad things about themselves anyway! But SEO works in a bit different way. While Google will always try to display the most relevant results, it does not always necessary go after the good ones only. Life is not sunshine and rainbows, and nor is any business in the world. If your positive reviews prevail, the few negative ones can actually do you a favour. In simple words, negative reviews paint a picture of the website being genuine and that people are free to share their opinion. In this sense, negative reviews are not always the bad guys!

Customers’ View on Negative Reviews

Simple example – you saw a miraculous weight loss product being advertised. It is presented as if it exactly what you were looking for. You go to the website and you see that everyone who has used it has miraculous results and that every single person is recommending the product. Wouldn’t you get suspicious? Well, most people would. If something sounds too good to be true, people will see it as a potential red flag. A negative review among all of the positive ones can actually help build a better reputation as a transparent business.

Additionally, bad reviews are a great chance to interact with customers. Drop them a line and ask them what is the reason for their lack of satisfaction. What can you change? What would they like to see? It is always a great opportunity for building good relationships with customers.

  03/09/2018     2,190 Views

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