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How to Optimize for Voice Search

As we previously made clear for many times, SEO is constantly evolving. It changes with the trends. Simply put, as long as we are changing the way we look for things and we employ new practices, SEO will always follow. We have already mentioned that voice search is one of the trends that will really be in the focus in 2018. Here we give you a few simple but useful tips on how to start optimizing your website for voice search:

voice search

Some may say that you do not have to change much in your SEO strategy to cover voice search. Well technically, this is both right and wrong (in my opinion). The way you do SEO normally is the basis for voice search, but there are several addition steps you should not forget about.

Optimize Locally

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small and local or big and global, you need to start your optimization locally. Why? When using voice search, please usually are looking for “near me” places. Makes sense? Where you should start is claiming your Google My Business page. Verify the page and put the correct information in. Just a quick interesting fact – in the last two years, the number of local search queries that include “near me” went up by 150% compared to those who do not contain the same two words. This is a strong indicator of the general user behaviour, so do not forget to use it to enable users to find your business easily in your local surrounding.

Ask The Questions and Answer Them

The way Q&A sections are (or should be) formulated is in a very conversational way that provides the required info straight off. Chances are, when users are looking for something and they go to voice search, they want a quick and concise answer. For that purpose, you can expand the Q&A section on your website in a very conversational way, just like if you were speaking to someone in person. If you have a webshop, then adding question on your products pages is also a good idea to optimize your shop for voice search.

Mobile Optimization

If you go on Google as search any SEO blog, one thing will always going to be there – mobile optimization. We have already explained why mobile optimization is a must. So it is not an option, is an absolute must. And what does that have to do with voice search? Simple enough, voice search is usually done on mobile devices to save time and the effort of typing in a lengthy question (which is exactly why voice search exists, right?). Make sure that your website is responsible on all smartphones and tablets (especially smartphones like iPhone or Android), easy to navigate and understand.

Are you ready for the future of SEO? Well, it starts with voice search, and you need to start optimizing for it. Keep up with your regular strategy, but never forget to think voice search as well!

  10/04/2018     2,188 Views

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