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Position Zero: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Position zero, or featured snippets were introduced by Google back in 2014. On paper, it might seem like the place where you want to be. But is position zero really that great for your Search Engine Optimization?

position zero

What it Position Zero?

Briefly, position zero is the featured snippet that appears above the search results for a certain keyword phrase. It is that box that always provides accurate info. Here is an example of position zero:

The Good

Sure, being the first thing that the user sees when they type in the search query is great from all of the obvious reasons. It can potentially boost your SEO, increase the visibility of you website and your credibility as well. It is simple as that, but getting there is not that simple.

The Bad

Yes, position zero can increase your click through rate. But it can also do the exact opposite – decrease your click through rate by far. Why? Simple, the user who was looking for an answer can just quickly read the snippet. No need to go on your website when all of the information is just there on the Google page:

The Ugly

There are actually serial things that fall into this category. To start with it, getting our website to a zero position is hard, in some instances even close to impossible depending on the keywords that you are targeting. Google has it’s own preference when it comes to the snippets: lists, definitions, price breakdowns, answer to short questions, and similar. To be placed on a position zero, your content needs to be a material that can be broken down and shrunk to a small snippet. Additionally, apart from being really challenging to get there, it is also very hard to maintain the position. With Google updating its algorithm regularly, it is impossible to strategize in order to reach position zero.


Don’t get too obsessed with position zero. The reason for that being that the snippets are being changed too much and too often. Instead, focus on building a steady and scalable SEO strategy that will get you on top of the organic search results. That way, the zero position might come your way by itself.

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  20/09/2018     2,143 Views

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