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Search Engine Developments That Will Change the Way SEO is Done Soon

The roots of SEO are traceable, and it might surprise you that they go back to 1997. What a surprise, eh? Who would think that SEO is 21 years old now! And you started hearing about it on a large scale only few years ago! The reason for that is simple – evolution. The early SEO was simple, and it did not involve as many different ranking factors as today. But as time went by, more and more websites appeared online, shopping on the Internet became a great thing, and generally, the Internet changed the way we do things in our day-to-day lives.

Search engine developments are still going on, so SEO requirements have to follow the trends. Simply put, new technologies that are available to users shape search engine developments as well. Stop looking at SEO as a static thing – it is rather a live matter that keeps on evolving. Don’t believe us? Here are the top three search engine developments that you need to keep an eye on because they will happen very soon!

1. Voice Search – Should We Start Optimizing for It?

Let’s look at the numbers first – the year was 2015. In that year, voice search went from 0% to 10% of all Google searches on a monthly basis. According to a study published on Google’s official blog, even 41% of adults, and even more than 50% of teens use voice search on a daily basis. So this, naturally, poses the question if it is time to start optimizing for voice search as well. Think about it – this search engine development is inevitable. On top of this John Mueller, a Webmaster trends analyst at Google posed this question as well:

voice search seo

Additionally, there are more and more virtual assistants out there, as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Windows’ Cortana. And if so many search queries come from voice search, we could only imagine that this will be one of the latest search engine developments that will take place!

2. Mobile Over Desktop

To be fair, this is not what you will call a new search engine development. It started back in 2016, when Google shifted the focus from desktop to mobile after realizing that people rely on mobile phones more than on computers. Which is absolutely true. This does not change the importance of desktop optimization, but it means that you should not forget about mobile SEO – not even for a minute.This starts with an optimized website, meaning that your website needs to be responsive to all mobile devices, including tablets.

Google stated the importance of this when they introduced the micro moments. Long story short, micro moments are based on the concept that users search for relevant info and they want to receive instant results, like best restaurant in the area or closest gas station.This year, expect the entire shift to mobile over desktop to receive its peak, so if you haven’t started optimizing from mobile devices, it is time to start as soon as!

3. Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over

The way search engines function now is by having very sophisticated algorithms that can analyze and predict what the user is looking for. However, with AI and machine learning taking a big leap forward, it is expected that they will put search algorithms in history. They will analyze the user behavior in depth, and so they will analyze your website. So don’t even think about using black hat SEO techniques. This search engine development is already making its way up, and estimations say that 2018 will be the year when they will be even more present.

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