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Seasonal SEO: Why Is That a Thing?

If you have a website, then you know that certain things work only in certain periods of time. If you sell bikini you know that things go quiet in winter. If you sell boots, you know that summer is not the best period for you. It works the same with every other business model out there.

Seasonal SEO is definitely a thing and it fits in your overall SEO strategy. For example, with Halloween just around the corner, it is a clear indicator that people will be searching for ideas for their costumes and looking to buy related items. Christmas is coming after that, so you get the idea. Regardless if you are trying to increase your sales or strike more visitors on your blog, seasonal SEO can be very beneficial for your business. Stick around and we will give you few tips on how to achieve your goals by using seasonal SEO.

Think About Timing

It is enough to use common sense when it comes to choosing the right time for a targeted seasonal SEO campaign. With Christmas coming, it’s not like people will search for Easter-related things, is it? Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas – those are the main events until the end of the year that you should target through your contents.

Choosing the Keywords

When it comes to keywords, you don’t have to go too far from your usual ones. Let’s say you sell ladies footwear. While your usual keywords would be “women’s shoes”, “women’s footwear” and similar, in a seasonal SEO campaign you would need to add the occasion. Targeting “women’s shoes christmas gift” is one of the first and most logical ones to go for. Before you start your campaign, make sure you do your keyword research to make sure the keywords you have in mind have the satisfactory search volumes.

Use All Channels

The holiday season is clearly the time when you see most discounts and special offers. That’s no secret, and you need to used that if you’re a retailer. You might think it is too early to think Christmas, but just take a look at every shop. There is a long way to go until Christmas but the holly jolly spirit is already on the shelves. That’s the same thing you need to do with your content. It is time to slowly build up to the excitement. If you start your targeting now, let’s say in time for Black Fridays, you would build up the expectation of your existing and potential customers for when the time comes. Start targeting your keywords, creating seasonal SEO content and get the email lists ready.

This is the best time of the year for increasing sales and boosting traffic. Include seasonal SEO in your general campaign and use the opportunity ahead.

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  22/10/2018     4,153 Views

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