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SEO on Blog Posts – Where to Start on WordPress

If you are running a blog, regardless if it is your personal blog or a professional one, you know by far that you need to do the optimization for a better ranking in search engine results. The most popular blogging platform of today is of course, WordPress. Due to its flexibility, bloggers find it really easy to work on it, and it doesn’t require an extensive computer knowledge to run your website on it. If you have a blog which is built on WordPress, then sit tight because we will discuss how to improve your SEO on a blog post!

1. Find your Favourite SEO Plugin

To make things really easy when it comes to SEO on blog posts, you need to find an SEO plugin. The preferred one of many bloggers (and ours as well!) is Yoast. Yoast is really practical and transparent – you can put your SEO title, meta descriptions and focus keyword easily – lus, the plugin will tell you what improvements you can make on your blog post to make it even better!

2. Find the Right Keywords

Of course, keywords are the most important things when it comes to SEO on blog posts. What you need to do is determine the most profitable keywords (by profitable, we mean keywords that have a large search volume and not too large competition). If you are new to the blogging world, try ranking for long tail keywords first. Use Google Keyword Planner to get the data you need.

3. Use Those Keywords

You have done your keyword research and you have chosen the keywords you want to target. When doing SEO on blog posts, what you need to remember is not to do keyword stuffing. Experts propose different percentage of the keywords density, but to keep things simple, it should be somewhere between 1% and 3% for primary keywords, and 0.50% to 1.5% for secondary keywords. Don’t exceed the 3% top limit – because if you do, you might get the keyword stuffing penalty from Google and as consequence your Google ranking may drop down.

So, where to use your keywords when doing SEO on blog posts?

Use Keywords on Post Title

Obviously, you want to put your main keyword in your title, as closest to the beginning as possible to let Google know it is important.

Use Keywords on Meta Description

Meta description is not a big ranking factor when it comes to SEO for blog posts, but it is still important because it serves as the snippet for your post in Google search results. It should be a smart summary of your post.

Use Keywords on Image ALT Tags

Since Google bots can’t really see the images you post, you need to put that in writing. Make sure that the title of the image contains your main keyword before you upload it to WordPress. Also, put your main keyword in the image ALT tag bar. You can use the same phrase as the title!

Use Keywords on H2 Headings

H2 Headings are a nice way of breaking the blog post into smaller chunks, and additionally, it is SEO friendly. H1 is always reserved for the title, so throughout the body, you should use other headings. Using H2 is recommended usually since it serves as a subheading. Experts say Google bots are not really interested in anything beyond H3, so sticking to H2 and/or H3 is safe. And of course, try to put a keyword in some of them!

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