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SEO Mistakes That Even Professionals Can Make

SEO is a complex set of actions, and chances are, if you are new to it, you learn a lot by trial and error. By experimenting and testing, you will find what works for your website and which strategies you should drop. However, there are some honest SEO mistakes that you might overlook and we are just going to give you the insights on them! Bonus tip: if you’re new to SEO don’t forget to read also Beginner’s SEO: Quick Tips to Boost Your SEO.

Not Making Your Website Secure

This is not the latest news – Google announced back in 2014 that the website safely can be good for your website ranking. In fact, Google Chrome will show that the website is not secure when the customer goes on there. The question is, do you really want to run a not secure website? Increasing the security of the website is done by purchasing an SSL Certificate. You can get it from your host or domain provider and then you need to install it on your website to avoid this SEO mistake. Usually SSL certificates are renewed every year.

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Click here?

If you are providing a link within your content, regardless if it is an internal or an external one, the worst thing you could do is write something like “For more info, please click here”. Greatest SEO mistake ever. We used to see this a lot few years ago, but now with SEO being present on the large scale things have dramatically changed. You want to replace the word HERE with something meaningful and relevant for the link the you are telling your customer should click. The so-called anchor test should let the customer know what to expect when they get to the other link.

Google My Business Keyword Stuffing

When you index your website on Google My Business, you should make sure you insert it by the official business name. It might seem like a good idea to slip an extra keyword in there, but it really isn’t. There is a risk to it, since it makes you look like a spammer, and Google doesn’t like spammers. The guidelines are more than clear – use ONLY the official name of your business.

Slow Website

What is more annoying than a website that takes forever to load? We all hate it, and if your website is slow, it is time to stop and change that immediately. Load time is taken into consideration as a ranking factor, but it goes past that. How many times have you left a website because it was just taking too long to open? Don’t let the same happen to your website! You can test your website speed with Google PageSpeed, Google Mobile Test and Pingdom.

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