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SEO Trends of 2018

For those of you who think that SEO is a static thing you can just learn once – you are wrong. SEO is alive and kicking (or shall we say – evolving). The way we understood SEO few years ago is far more different that the way we understand SEO today. It changes as things change, which is why SEO trends change as well. Here are the top SEO trends of 2018!

1. Voice Search

We have already spoken about voice search and how it is becoming more and more popular. While keywords will still remain the main thing, things tend to weigh more on the context bit. The way users use voice search to find information will directly shape the way we understand SEO.

2. Secure Links

It wasn’t a long ago when Google announced that secure links or SSL certificates will play a role in the overall ranking. This cannot even be classified as a SEO trend – it is rather the need to stay secure. You might have noticed so far that your browser warns you if a website is not HTTPS (especially with Chrome). In 2018, the focus will be pointed towards security.

3. Social Media

No surprise here – social media continues to be not only the biggest SEO trend, but also one of the biggest channels that users use to find content. We can take a look at this from more than one perspective. Paid advertising is booming on social pages, especially Facebook as the largest social media platform. Facebook advertising is very budget-friendly. It is based on the PPC principle (pay-per-click), so you are actually not spending money if the user doesn’t to the desired action. On the other hand, looking at things from the organic perspective, social media pages are a great way to engage with users in a way that is familiar for them. Make sure to have a profile on popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even on Youtube!

4. Schema Markup and Snippets

Google introduced snippets and the schema markup in order to provide users with a better preview of the search results. The schema markup in not something new, but it emerges now as a big SEO trend. Everybody wants to be featured in that nice little spot on Google, so follow our blog and we will give you more details on the schema markup!

5. Video SEO

After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine which is solely for videos. Videos are entertaining and users often enjoy watching them more than reading content. That’s why video SEO is something you must start doing soon. This SEO trend can directly influence not only your SEO ranking, but the overall performance in terms of ROI (Return on Investment).

These SEO trends are not necessarily something entirely new that we weren’t aware of. Rather, this year, it is more about security and interaction. The users are what will keep your website going. That means that SEO will move in the direction that the users dictate.

  26/03/2018     6,282 Views

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