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SEO Writing That Is Recognized by AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a very popular topic and we are seeing more of it every day. You might not even realize it, but AI does not have to come in a form of a mighty robot – it is actually well incorporated in computers so you can bet that Google has it covered already. Here are some tips on SEO writing and Google RankBrain (the new AI algorithm used by Google).

alexa cortana siri

We use AI basically every day, maybe without even realizing that we are talking about AI and machine learning. Alexa? Siri? Google Assistant? Cortana? All these AI technologies found their way in our day to day lives.

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SEO doesn’t fall short on the use of AI – in fact, it was more than three years ago when Google rolled out the RankBrain update, an algorithm that can understand on a deeper level what the user is looking for, and not only sort results out by the keywords. What does that mean when it comes to writing? Not a lot, if you have been doing your writing properly, for example:

Keyword Choice

Remember, RankBrain is supposed to mimic how humans think. The task is basically to determine what the person is after when typing in a search query. Apart from doing your traditional keyword research, try and put yourself in a position of a user. Make sure the keywords you are targeting flow naturally. Also, make sure you use variations – different people will put in different queries even though they are looking for the same answer.

Quantity Never Over Quality – even with AI

Ultimately, you are writing your content for someone to read it, not solely for the purpose of SEO. Focus on delivering pieces that provide users with a lot of information. What RankBrain does is look at the content and measure the relevancy by the time that users spent on your website. If your content is engaging and well-developed, the users will stay longer on the website, signalizing to RankBrain that your website is a good source of info.

Mobile Optimization

A thing that can’t be emphasized enough, and in fact, we have spoken about it already. Everybody uses their smartphones to look up things. If your website is not properly optimized for mobile devices, not only will RankBrain dismiss it but other Google algorithms as well. Plus, even if the case wasn’t such when users see that your website is not mobile friendly they will just leave and go somewhere else, resulting in an increased bounce rate.

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