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Top Tips to Take Down Your SEO Competitors

Thanks to the entire Internet revolution, we live in an era where all you need can be found by a simple Google search. While the Internet opened many door for businesses, it is a fierce battlefield. Chances are, your business is not unique (no business is, really), but there are definitely some unique aspects to it. Of course, in your quest to gain more customers, your SEO competitors stand in your way. They are businesses that are more or less in the same industry as you and they target the same keywords. We give you some quick tips on how to take your SEO competitors down!

seo competitors

Learn Who Your SEO Competitors Are

In order to approach your SEO competitors, you first need to learn who they are. You might be able to name some of them even if somebody wakes you up from a deep sleep, because hey, they are your competitors. But there other competitors who might be driving huge amounts of traffic, and you might not even be aware that they exist! There are different tools you can use for competitors analysis. SEMrush is one of them (check out Best SEO Tools of 2018), and it can provide you with info on the keywords you are targeting, rankings, as well as websites that have set up PPC on those keywords.

Learn Their Strategy

Of course, nobody is going to come up to you and let you know what’s your SEO competitors’ strategy. Luckily, it is not so hard to discover that. You just need to observe. If you know a thing or two about keyword targeting and keyword densities, if you go through your competitors’ websites you will be able to easily identify where they are going with their strategies.

Embrace Social Media

You know how everyone’s life is exposed on social media? So is your competitors’ campaigns. Do you know the famous brand duels like Coca Cola vs Pepsi? If you are feeling confident enough, we are just giving you an idea. If not, check out more ideas how to improve your SEO through social media!

  10/09/2018     2,221 Views

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