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Types Of SEO Content For Service Businesses

If your business is in the area of providing services, then your website should be focused on showing why your business is the one to choose. You have to start somewhere, and first thing, of course, is having a well-optimized website. But how can you boost your SEO through your content as a service provider? We give you the best types of SEO content for service businesses thank can help you put a word for yourself out there!

1. Types of Services You Provide

Regardless which niche you are in, you definitely provide more than one service. While the cluster of services you provide might be self-explanatory (if you are in the area of plumbing, people can easily pinpoint what sort of services you can do within the area), it is necessary for you to go in-depth and explain each of the services separately. This is the first type of SEO content for service businesses that you need to focus on. One general page where you speak about all of your services might seem like a good and time-saving idea. However, from an SEO perspective, having subpages with separate content is better. The reason for this is simple – people might search for a specific service that you provide, and having that on a separate subpage with separate keywords is what will make the difference.

2. Showcase Previous Work

Showing what you have already done is always a good idea. It sends a message to customers that a lot of people have already chosen you among all other and that you are a service provider that they can trust. Let’s say you are a dentist – before and after photos speak a lot, don’t they! That’s why articles about previous work is a great example of one of the types of SEO content for service businesses that you should put an effort in. You can do it in a case study format if you have worked on something challenging and uniques. Discuss about the approach you took and the steps you decided on and back it up with pictures. On the other hand, for more ordinary tasks you have done, you can always have a mini image gallery with text. Use the text to insert your keywords, naturally.

3. Useful Industry-Related Articles

This is probably the most important type of SEO content for service businesses, but also for all other businesses in the world as well. What you want to do is keep your website updated regularly with fresh content. You don’t have to do it every day – just one new post every week or two. It is a great way to reach out to existing and potential customers by giving them helpful and informative articles that they may learn something from.

Social networks can be a good help to drive targeted users to your website, so don’t forget to increase your exposure on social media! Your customers are out there, you just need to reach out to them using the most reliable and creative ways possible. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc have millions of registered users!

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