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Using User-Generated Content (UGC) for SEO Boosting

User-generated content (UGC) is used by many companie not only for SEO purposes, but also as a part of their content marketing strategies and as a way of increasing exposure and building trust.

Since times have changed and millennials have taken over, now we do things their way. In fact, millennials prefer shopping online and they do not mind creating user-generated content about the things they like. According to surveys, even 85% of people said that they believe user-generated content more that they do brand-created content and that this can influence their purchasing decisions.

So why not use UGC for SEO boosting?

Here are the reasons why!

Updating Content Regularly

The easiest way of achieving this is by reaching out to people on social media. Many brands have already used the benefits of social media for creating UGC for SEO boosting and their results were positive.

While social media is the place where you can generate the most content of this type, you can use UGC for SEO boosting by directly connecting your social channels to your website. Google likes social media exposure and you will be scoring high in search results.

So, encourage your followers on social media to take part in something – giveaways and competitions usually work best.

Gain Social Proof

Things have changed nowadays, and online shopping doesn’t strictly refer to e-commerce shopping. In fact, things have changed so much that if we don’t see a company engaging on social media, we usually ask what’s wrong. this can be even viewed as the website being not genuine or a scam.

Good exposure on social media especially if it backed up by good reviews and happy customers can mean a lot. Not only will it improve your standing point in terms of SEO, it will also bring you more customers who value the social proof that they’ve seen.

Better Ranking on Long-Tail Keywords

In theory, targeting keywords might sound like a very simple task. In practice, things are far more different. Users nowadays use search engines more freely. Their search queries might come in a form of a question, a short concise phrase or a descriptive sentence. In fact, users want specific answers to their specific questions, so they are more likely to search for long tail keywords.

If they are writing review about your product or service,they won’t do it in a way like you would. They won’t target keywords, but they would rather write naturally s they speak. this opens the doors to ranking on new keywords – ones that have never even occurred to you.

Never underestimate the power of UGC for SEO boosting. Encourage your followers to spread the word about your business and you will see how with little effort you can achieve great results.

  11/12/2018     7,263 Views

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