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Customer Reviews and SEO

Customer satisfaction should be one of the main things you worry about. Simply, your business depends on your customers, and their satisfaction will bring nothing but positive results towards your end goal. If you are running an online business, especially a webshop, you know that customer feedback is important to your business. The majority of users make their purchasing decisions based on the existing customer reviews, so if you want to keep the new customers coming you also need to keep the existing ones happy.

customer reviews

But customer reviews do not only drive sales (which is, of course, the most important thing). On the other hand, customer review can also influence your SEO – if done right, in the good way. Here’s how customer reviews (good ones) can serve as a nice SEO boost for your website!

1. Customers’ words are worthy

You are the owner of the website, so naturally, you will have nothing but good words about your website! That stands for every website owner – ever! But if there are more and more customer reviews saying how good your website or your products are, then people tend to trust them more (can’t argue with that!). To achieve this, you need to be honest, and your product need to be just as described. If you keep to those two things you can’t really go wrong!

2. Keywords, keywords, keywords

Think of one good customer review on a product. Let’s say you sell women’s make up. It usually goes something like this: “This is the best foundation I have ever used! It literally stays the whole day, and it is a foundation that provides an amazing coverage”. The point we try to make here is obvious, isn’t it? If your customer in this case was so happy with the product they got from you, they will tend to use phrases like “best foundation ever” which is what you want really to move higher on the high volume keywords.

3. Reviews are your allies

Because of more than one reason. Apart from what we mentioned previously, think of how you can use those reviews. First of all, you can easily chose the best reviews and make them highly visible on your website. You can to that on the home page, or find them a nice spot like a slider. Next, you can implement them in your social strategy, so if you are looking to tackle social media, you can alway call upon the genuine reviews from your existing customers.

4. Search engine bots like them

Well of course – search engine have the purpose of giving customers the most relevant results on the search queries. So if more and more customers are giving you five star reviews, search engine bots will surely give you the credit for it. Good reviews on your product pages or your website in general can provide up to 10% additional boost in your standing on certain keywords, apart from all other benefits a good review can bring you.


Let’s not forget what a bad review can do. In simple words, it can do the polar opposite of the things we mentioned so far. It will give you negative keywords, like in our example above – someone will say “this is the worst foundation ever”. Basically, you might be ranking well, but is on the negative keywords that you really wouldn’t want to be ranking for. And naturally, when people read the bad reviews they will be having a second thought if they should really buy something from your website or go on another website with better reviews.

So to keep things simple, again, you need to be honest to your customers. Don’t overdo it. Tell them the truth, and ensure that the products you are delivering are in a good condition and match the description. Only in that way you can keep the good customer reviews coming!

  09/07/2018     2,220 Views

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