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Beginner’s SEO: Quick Tips to Boost Your SEO

You are probably aware by now that SEO is a journey. It takes times and effort, but when done right, what you will get in return is simply amazing. As a beginner, you might find it confusing to keep up with all the things you need to do. However, there are some quick beginner’s SEO things you can do to give your SEO a quick boost! Here are the most important ones:

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1. Mobile Friendly

It is not a secret that mobile searches are the main thing of today. In fact, even 80% of all search queries on Google come from mobile phones! That is exactly why going mobile friendly is the first thing on our beginner’s SEO guide. AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) is another thing you should’ve heard by now – and we can justify that. A mobile optimized version of your website that loads fast will surely give your SEO a boost!

2. Google My Business

As the biggest search engine, Google constantly adds new things to make search results more relevant to users. If you are operating locally (and even if you are not), what you need to do is set up your Google My Business page. This is an important thing for the beginner’s SEO – by doing that, you are allowing Google to show your business in local search results, directly giving your website a boost because you’ll get much more traffic.

3. Keep the Social Pages Alive

It is no secret that social media can really do your website well, in fact, we have already spoken about how social pages can improve your SEO. Be among the crowd – and social pages are the best place to do that. Interact with your followers, share the latest and encourage them to visit your website!

4. Do Your on-page SEO

On-page SEO helps you create a good image of your website. It is not a determining factor, but it definitely is a contributing factor to your SEO efforts. Start with your meta descriptions, headlines, and ALT tags – in fact, read also what you need to do when it comes to on-page SEO!

5. Backlinks

We come to the most important thing in our beginner’s SEO guide – backlinks. The quality of your backlinks is what counts, but getting them is much easier said than done. If you are starting off fresh, you should consider doing some guest blogging or ask other popular blogs to make a sponsored post, and in that way, you will increase the exposure of your website while at the same time giving your Search Engine Optimization a real boost.

If you have just started diving into the SEO world, brace yourself because it is going to be a wild ride. Our quick beginner’s SEO tips will surely help you out in the beginning of your SEO strategy – and be sure to follow our awesome SEO blog for more ideas and SEO tips!

  12/03/2018     60,104 Views

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