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SEO Tips for CMOs

If you are in a position of a CMO, you know that marketing has so many different aspect you should focus on, and probably SEO is not one of your favourites. The reason for that is simply that SEO differs from probably every other digital marketing campaign that you’ve ever done, and additionally, there is no “one size fits all” approach to it. We give you the top SEO tips for CMOs!

Don’t Try To Ignore It

The is one of the best SEO tips for CMOs we can give you from the start. SEO is out there, it is changing and evolving. It is your choice if you want to get involved in it, but if you know how the modern world works, you should be already working on it.

It Is Much More Complicated Than Paid Advertising

Paid ads on Google are so popular because they bring results. However, more and more users prefer to go for the organic results rather than the paid. However, if you work smart and use paid advertising as an aid to your SEO campaign, then you are on the right track already.

Tackle SEO Through Different Channels

Every bit helps in SEO, which is why it seems so complicated. Every SEO expert will tell you that one of the best SEO tips for CMOs is that you need to battle on different fronts. Social media, paid advertising, email marketing, even face to face communication – you need to direct people to your website and build your authority.

Analyze The Metrics Properly

When it comes to choosing the keywords you will be targeting, things tend to get a bit complicated. Again, it all depends on the nature of the business. Don’t always focus on the search volume, especially if you are looking to increase sales. Rather focus on conversion i.e. research which keywords have a higher conversion rate and prioritize that before the actual search volume.

Play According to the Rules

The most important out of all SEO tips for CMOs – and in fact for everybody else is that you should not try to outsmart the system. Using black hat SEO techniques can give you a kick start, but in the end it might backfire on you and cost you much more. You wouldn’t want to be blacklisted on Google, would you?

Embrace the Potential of SEO

If SEO didn’t work, nobody would be prioritizing it. So instead of trying to avoid it, embrace it and use it to your advantage. When done properly, SEO will return the favour and bring you an increase in traffic and conversion. But it takes time – be sure you remember that!

  19/09/2018     2,221 Views

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