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Why You Need SEO? – In Case You Are Not Convinced Yet

The question of “why you need SEO” is one of those questions that should not be asked. SEO is the primary focus point for internet marketers. There are multiple reasons for that, and the answer why has many different, yet all positive answers. Whether you are looking to increase the number of visitors, your profit, ROI or simply exposure, SEO is the place to start.

1. Your Website Speaks About Your Business

And if done right, your website can speak highly of your business. Your website is there even when you are out with friends or relaxing on holiday. Basically, your best mate, your employee of the year – every year. Because of that, you need to invest in it, which is why you need SEO.

2. Costs Reduction

That might not seem like that in the beginning. The costs of SEO vary, depending if you decide to do it yourself, or employ and expert or and agency to do it for you. Whatever the case is, SEO brings long terms results. Unlike PPC advertising which you do on Facebook or Google Adwords, SEO will pay off more in the long run. With PPC, you are out there as long as you are paying to be out there. You will enjoy the benefits of having your SEO done for longer, but of course, that doesn’t mean that you are all done once you reach the top!

3. SEO is as Important as Your Website

Okay, let’s say that you have a killer website. There is not any other like it. It is the most user-friendly website, has the best graphics, the best speed and the best offers. But what is the point if nobody can find it? You might’ve spent a lot to have your website done, but in the end, if it doesn’t do the trick, what’s the point of having it anyway. This is why you need SEO – to enable people to find it and to enjoy the benefits!

4. Organic Results are Valued More

Maybe the biggest reason why you need SEO is this one. While paid advertising definitely helps generate leads and have a good ROI, organic search results are more genuine to users. Users tend to give more value to organic results than the paid one, simply because organic results communicate relevance. When a user sees a relevant website ranked highly, the natural response is to think that it is a trusted resource. Many will not pay attention to the sponsored links and rather go for the organic.

5. Research by Users

Many users or customers, before making a final decision will do their research online. And if you are not there, users might even ignore the existence of your physical store, or remain completely unaware of it. That is why you need SEO – local in this case. You will enable more users to find your business.

  01/05/2018     2,190 Views

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