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Bad SEO Writing Habits That You Should Get Rid Of

Writing is the core of SEO, simply because that’s the place where you can target your keywords. SEO is getting more and more complicated, and some of the things that you have been using years ago probably are no longer applicable today. We give you the bad SEO writing habits that you should forget about sooner rather than later!

Targeting Only One Keyword

The first one on our list of bad SEO writing habits is the fact that a lot of people still believe that a keyword should remain within the content as given. Not necessarily! Google’s algorithm is more sophisticated than it has ever been and it can recognize variations of a keyword. This has been around for few years now. You can use a certain keyword in different variations – singular and plural form or with and without prepositions. It basically is the same keyword as far a Google is concerned.

Let’s see you are targeting the keyword “abs workout”. You are more than welcome to use variations such as “abs workouts” or “workout for abs”. Even if you use synonyms such as “abs exercise”, it still counts! Keywords are looked at as a whole, so the search engine bots analyze the semantics as well. On a side note, if you are using Yoast, you might get a lower score in regards to keyword density. Bear in mind that Yoast is just a guidance and it doesn’t influence SEO in any way apart from telling you if you are on the right track. You can stop trying to get a perfect score now.

Duplicate Content

This can’t probably be classified entirely as a bad SEO writing habit, but it still comes on our list is one of the most common mistake people make. You might think that if the original post is on your website you are free to place it on more than one page. Wrong! Having duplicate content on your website is a common mistake, but it is easy to fix. You can simply remove it, rewrite it, or use canonical URL to the original post.

Not Linking Content Internally

Chances are great that you will have a piece of writing that compliments or expands another article that you have already written. However, you might forget about it, and miss a golden opportunity for internal linking. Among the bad SEO writing habits on our list is exactly this – simply forgetting about your old content. Next time when you are writing something, try to deliberately create on opportunity to link the new article to an older piece. This is an important thing for Google bots since they follow links. They will be able to find related content and split the value accordingly.

Once you know what bad SEO writing habits you might have, it gets easier to eliminate them. Getting rid of these common habits and other SEO mistakes can help you improve your overall ranking.

  09/10/2018     2,223 Views

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