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The Biggest SEO Myths Debunked

It is a common misconception that SEO does not change. While it is somewhat of a mystery why people tend to think that, what we can say for sure is that SEO does change. Outdated SEO practices can do more harm that good, so if you are doing your SEO yourself, you need to be careful that the sources you decide to use are ones you can trust. We give you the biggest SEO myths that you should no longer take into consideration!

Images and Videos Don’t Improve SEO

Wrong! Images and videos are actually major contributing factors to your overall SEO ranking. Why? Us humans are visual creatures. We tend to respond better to images than text, simply because it is easier to process. No wonder you see all of those videos getting shared on social media. While in the past visuals didn’t have a lot of impact on SEO, now it is all different. Optimizing your images to be traceable by search engine bots is one of the basic on-page SEO practices you must do. That way, you are enabling your website to get visitors through yet another channel. Same goes for video SEO, and we already spoke about the importance of adopting video SEO practices to boost your ranking. Bottom line, visual are a creative way to stand out from the crowd and provide a nice push forward for your website popularity.

You Can Get Away With Black Hat SEO

Stop right there and don’t even think about it! Google is the biggest search engine out there. The case is such because of its sophisticated algorithm. The goal – to provide users with relevant information. Plus, Google’s massive revenue is a result of being able to deliver exactly what the users want.
Black hat SEO in today’s modern era can only get you in trouble, and by trouble, we refer to being penalized or even blacklisted on Google. Black hat practices are the biggest misconception and the biggest SEO myth you need to forget about. Don’t do it yourself, and if somebody promises you great SEO result over a short time, don’t fall for that!

The More Backlinks – The Better

Ultimately, you really want to have as many backlinks as possible. They speak a lot – that your website is a good source of information that deserves to be ranked high. However, it is more about quality than quantity here. There are two metrics that paint the picture – domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). The backlinks you actually need the ones that have good DA and PA. We do not say they should have perfect scores, but they need to be positive. Think of it this way – every bit help, except for the ones that have negative ranking. Poor quality backlinks can signal search bots that your website is bad. On the other hand, one backlink from a big and authoritative website can provide more value than 10 others. It is time for this SEO myth to go down in history.

As you might have concluded so far, SEO is not about following a magic formula anymore. We live in an era where the competition is high, and the room for error is low. Forget about these common SEO myths and focus on value. You should read our quick SEO checklist.

  27/03/2018     11,558 Views

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