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Why Video SEO Is The Next Big Thing?

Video SEO is becoming more and more popular, with estimations saying that by the year 2021, even 80% of all the content on the internet will be coming from videos. Google is obviously the number one search engine that you go to for almost everything, and following closely after it is YouTube. It is a clear indicator that people are more and more interested in videos.

If this trend continues, and we believe that it will, soon, video content will take over the written content. You might have noticed so far, the amount of video that circulate on social media is massive! Scroll down on your Facebook news feed and you will see the proof. So, is it time to start thinking about video SEO? Yes! We give smart tips on how to start doing video SEO!

Why Video SEO?

Content is and remains the king! However, we’ve spoken already about the mistakes you can make when creating your content. It is hard to nail every piece of content you publish on your website (not saying that it is impossible, though). And definitely, you have some great articles that are buried under the new ones. To relive them, you can think about putting them in a video! Video content is much more shareable than traditional articles and it is easier to catch the users attention, especially thanks to the video thumbnail.

What can you do to kick-start your video SEO?

The main thing when starting your video SEO efforts is to actually know where do you want to be headed. Finding the right and engaging content can be the hardest thing to do, but again, as we stated previously, you can always reuse old articles which are god, and turn them into entertaining videos.

How Does YouTube SEO work?

YouTube works almost on the same principle as Google, with few differences. With YouTube, is all about the bounce rate. The website wants the visitors to stay as long as possible. And if you have engaging videos, they certainly will. In fact, if you are doing a good job with your videos (if they are of high quality), YouTube will even promote your video for free!

What to Focus On?

Keywords! As with everything else with SEO, video SEO is all about the keywords again. However, studies show that the keywords are not directly tied to the popularity or the view of your videos. That makes perfect sense – it is not about pushing the keyword – it is about implementing it within an engaging title which will make the user want to see your video.

Next thing to take into consideration is that you need to make sure the thumbnail and the video description are appealing to users. If they are not sure if the video is what they are looking for, users will read the short description, so you need to tell them why your video is worth watching. Last but not least, the first 15 seconds of your video are the most important. If the users like what they saw initially, they will surely stick around for longer, resulting in your video having an increase in watch time.

  26/02/2018     2,720 Views

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